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Excellent Risk Management Career Opportunities: Upgrade Your Career In Risk Management

Keeping pace with the global challenges and emerging opportunities for Professionals post Covid, RMAI has introduced ONLINE Certificate Course on Risk Management from India. Risk Management Association of India(RMAI) is a Global body dedicated to Education, Research, and Development on Risk Management. There never has been a more crucial time to stand out and be counted as a professional who is able to demonstrate the knowledge and ability to anticipate, respond and adapt to critical issues pertaining to risk.

As Risk Management becomes central to today’s business environment across the globe, there is a surge in demand for competent and expert risk management professionals to identify, assess, prioritize and develop a proper risk management framework to minimize the impact on businesses.

Online Certificate Course on Risk Management is designed to expand your knowledge and understanding of managing risks in a technology-enabled modern day dynamic business environment. Every professional working in the area of risk management and financial services industry, students pursuing courses in insurance and business management, small business owners interested in insights on Risk Management can be immensely benefitted by this 8 Week 30 hour course.

Realizing the imminent need for industry/organizations to have more employees who possess RISK LITERACY along with few experts, RMAI is committed to providing the right foundation of risk knowledge and market insights with global best practices.

Usually, International Certificate courses are very costly. But keeping in mind the wider audience and we are offering this course at a very reasonable price.

Why this Course?

  • Curated by Industry Experts
  • Self Paced learning Opportunity for professionals
  • View the course at your convenient time
  • Recorded sessions from Industry Experts
  • Free Student Membership of Risk Management Association for 1 year
  • Online Remote Examination

Certification Benefits

  • Get an International Certification
  • Improves career opportunities-promotion, pay increase, job portability
  • It enhances professional credibility
  • Extends knowledge and skills, prepares you for more job responsibilities
  • Enriches self-confidence in managing work efficiently
  • Encourages life-long learning and professional development

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Highlights of the Course

Course Duration

30 Hours/ 4 Months



Target Participants

*Insurance/ Banking/ Finance Professionals  

*Corporate Managers

*Professionals and Consultants

*BBA/MBA Students looking for opportunities in Risk Management domain

*Any other person looking for an Opportunity in Risk Management domain

Mode of Class

Recorded Classes on each module with live sessions from industry experts. You can view the session anytime 24x7. Recording of Live sessions will be uploaded if you miss the session.

Mock Test

Mock Test after each lecture


You will need to submit a Project for the course based on specified topics.

Final Exam

Online by Remote Invigilation

Value Added Benefits

  • Complimentary Student Membership of RMAI for One Year you can continuously update your knowledge on the subject of Risk Management and upgrade your skill-set with various initiatives of RMAI during the year 
  • Join Whatsapp Group of RMAI for regular updates
  • Complimentary Mobile App Subscription of Online Insurance or Banking Library from SASHI PUBLICATIONS
  • Opportunity for publication of research paper and articles in RMAI Bulletin and other platforms     
  • Participate in Webinars conducted during the period

Course Curriculum


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